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Canada is the second largest country in the world with a population of ~37 million people; situated in the northern part of North America and its ten provinces and three territories extend from the Atlantic to the Pacific and northward into the Arctic Ocean.

One of Canada's most beautiful attributes is it's distinct 4 seasons. You can really enjoy and appreciate every season from hot summers to mesmerizing colorful autumns, arctic cold winters and warm snow melting springs.

It's an under statement to say that Canada is so beautiful you can literally find the beauty of the world.

Some of the activities we've done in Canada:
Winter times:

  1. Downhill skiing
  2. Cross country skiing
  3. Tobogganing
  4. Winter cabins
  5. Snowmobiling
  6. Ice fishing
  7. The world renowned Ice castle hotel
  8. Ice skating

Summer times:
  1. Mesmerizing touristic beaches
  2. Race tracks / drag racing / Jeep adventures / mudding
  3. Touristic shopping and lots of cultural festivals
  4. Old European style cities to modern metropolitan
  5. Camping and nature / animals in the wild
  6. RV life style
  7. Arctic whale watching
  8. Golf courses

Watch my photography to get a glimpse.

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Me and the 22nd prime minister of Canada (22-Sep-2015)