Riding tips from beginner to advanced!
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“If I can go back in time I would help my younger-self avoid all the mishaps I had riding motorcycles.”

In this page I will post videos on how to ride motorcycles and what to look for if you are a beginner; also I will post advice and tips for advanced riders based on my experience and what I've learned thus far.

Please note that I do not claim to be a certified experienced rider! The advice I give based on what I've learned from all the mishaps I've had. Its “in my opinion” and what I would tell my younger-self if I have the chance to time-travel. The advice I give are solely based on what I have learned thus far from riding on the track, drag-racing and trying out wheelies and stoppies, and the low-sides / high-sides I've experienced. I am sure that checking the videos I put up can shed some light on your quest to become a better rider and at the very least its entertaining :)

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