Auto and motorcycle repairs
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I upload videos showing car repairs using mostly normal household tools; and unique methods that solve obstacles to get the job done. I call this redneck repairs for the average Joe.

I bought a brand new 2006 Impala SS in November 2005, and I do most of the repairs on it myself. It has 875,000KM on it up to now, and it still handles like new even though I take it off roading to camping areas, and I traveled across most of North America with it.

Since I bought the car, I rebuilt the engine twice and the transmission once; also changed parts in it such as radiator, heater radiator, axles, hubs, brakes/disks/calipers, lower ball-joints, and much more. These extensive repairs taught me a lot about my car to the point where I decided to keep maintaining it so it stays in mint condition.

I upload my car repair videos to help others without proclaiming to be a certified mechanic, in essence I am self-taught, so use my videos at your discretion.