Tattoos R freedom of expression!
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Unlike old times where life is heavily influenced by the culture of a particular geographical location with its associated traditions, religions...etc. Today the planet is connected and people are free to find out what others are like and, for many, influence plays a big factor in getting tattoos done.

My love of tattoos comes from a different mind set. If you read my site you will learn about my insatiable curiosity and my never ending quest of finding out the nature of things including the big questions of who we are and such. Being unique or more accurately the need for uniqueness is a powerful feeling. Having the ability to brand the body to have it reflect your uniqueness, is ever so powerful at least from my point of view.

My fascination of tattoos goes back as far as I can remember. Everything I like and do is reasoned in a way that reflects my view of things. I like fast sport bikes because of the freedom feeling I get when I ride. I love tattoos because I can express my nature in unique art that looks pretty visually at the same time harmonically geometrically in sync with me.

Like everything else I am self taught. Watch my video play list showing the basics of tattoo machines and how-to for beginners who are interested in tattooing. I explain details on how to build your own tattoo machine and show you how it works

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