Trucking Isn't a Job or a Career, It's a Lifestyle!
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“Jokingly I nick name myself Trucker BUD! ;)”

Trucking and driving these big rigs all over North America...being away from home for months at a time....seeing every state and province...meeting people from all walks of life....sampling all kind of foods....nature....sunsets...sunrises...never a boring moment....changing scenery....shall I keep going on? Whats not lo LUV ^_^

Driving a big rig is a lifestyle that can be incredibly challenging and hard or unbelievably rewarding and dreamlike. Because I am single-like (never married), no children, and live in a rented bachelor apartment with my high school sweetheart girlfriend, I am able to be a happy trucker and can move, relocate or work anywhere in North America without issues. I go out trucking months at a time to the point when I get home I feel like a tourist in my own city and apartment :)

“A successful trucker must be tolerant and well mannered! You will meet customers and represent your employer. You must keep good appearance, be respectful, proper and well spoken; after all your image will reflect on all truckers and the trucking industry as a whole.”

A prosperous trucker should not have criminal record of any kind and must be healthy as class1 (CDL) license requires routine medical tests and your health will directly impact your insurance thus your employment opportunities. The most important thing of all is a clear driving record! No demerits, infractions/citations or any highway-act record

Trucker life is a lifestyle. Your primary reason for wanting to become a trucker should not be monetary. When you start the pay is low but sufficient to pay for basic costs like rent, food, Internet, cell phone and your car insurance. If you have other costs then you will drown in debts as starting trucker pay is low (regardless who tells you otherwise). With time the pay will become better and higher and within 3 to 5 years you can start to rake in the doe, if you are smart and maintain your low cost, good driving/criminal record and health.

I will post many pictures/videos of my trucking lifestyle in this section. Check them out! I've had many weird jobs in my life due to my curiosity and I must say the trucking is way cooler than anything I've done like ever ;) Enjoy my pix and let me know if you have any questions by sending me a hangout message...I don't bite

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Backing with 54 foot trailer




Driving through mountains




Rest areas and Truck stops
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Road accidents


My truck(s)
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