About me

Unlearn everything that you have been taught and rebuild your entire belief system based on critical thought and observational logic!

People always ask me about my religion, some ask about my political views and what I think about world events; therefore, in this section of my web site I decided to answer some of those questions and shed light on the subject.

I have incredibly liberal views about everything. In today's day and age and the history humanity had thus far I believe we are all human and live on this beautiful planet of ours. I don't believe in borders and countries. I think we as humans should not compete on a country level and fight wars for power and resources because this hurts our planet and destroys our humanity. I think religions of all kinds should not be part of government or any part that involves power. Lastly freedom of speech or freedom in general either exists or it doesn't! I believe everyone should be free to say and do what they want (not to be confused with citation to violence like let's burn Bob's house down). People should be allowed to publish articles expressing their personal views on sensitive subjects such as religions, holy characters, politics...etc without fear of reprisal (not to be confused with citation to violence or discrimination like lets ban Bob). Writing something that does not represent your views, but, instead convinces others to take action to hate, discriminate or directly harm another individual or group is not freedom of speech, it's a citation to violence and discrimination. There is a clear distinction here!!! This propaganda or citation to violence and discrimination is seen all over the media in all parts of the world, also in religions, and between ethnic groups...etc. It is only when we start micro-managing and putting rules and regulations to everything is when people start to exploit situations and dramatize events to create pros and cons and manufacture conflicts. Let people say what they want and nature will take its course filtering out bad seeds.


My background

I am Canadian from Arabic descent and come from a Muslim background. I'm born in Kuwait and came to Canada in the early 80's. I lived in Montreal Quebec and went to Westmount High School. I met my long-term girlfriend in Montreal and we kept in touch even though we went to different schools. After high school I went to Champlain College in St-Lambert and I moved to the south shore outside of Montreal. We always stayed in touch and did the sneaking out and meeting after school...etc. Until we went to university at Concordia is when we decided to leave our old world behind and explore life and it's curve balls together. Even though we went to different schools and colleges (same university at Concordia), we always saw eye to eye and that true freedom starts within you by freeing yourself and mind from the shackels of religion, traditions and whatever society dictated how things ought to be. We come from two extremely controversial backgrounds, mine Muslim and hers Jewish. Her first name is Barbara and mine is Ziyad; she was born in Montreal, these names are a past life that evolved into new persona using our self-chosen middle names Kissra LynnKay and Isydia Boone.

Our different backgrounds strengthened our relationship and made us see a life outside the box. We loved each other beyond words and realized societies, religions and traditions were nothing but freedom inhibitors used to control the masses. We rebelled against the “norm” and defined our own path in life. We went through life with a moto of you can live a beautiful fulfilled life with religion and tradition, equally, you also can live a beautiful fulfilled life without religion and traditions. But, you make many lives miserable when you force YOUR ways on others. Live and let live! We did not care what others said. We didn't need to defend our way of life to anyone. We did what felt right to us and kept in mind to be respectful to those around us. We will walk our own path and people's approval is not needed!

The phases of evolution throughout our years together, made us strong and we are always two facing the obstacles and incentives as one WiiR1.


Our life choices

My girlfriend and I both came from high class well educated families, both are well traveled and financially stable. Neither my family or hers were religious; we were all, what you call, moderates or non following; but however you term it, we came from backgrounds of contrast. Our life choices came from me and her alone. We had long talks and realized that as long as we stay connected to the past our present will never be our own and we agreed to make our own path so we moved on and let go our past life and never looked back.

See below pictures of my parents and brother, my pre-school in Kuwait and high school in Canada. I included description below each image. I'm born in a city called Ahmadi in Kuwait. My father worked for Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) which dealt with British Petroleum (BP), and Ahmadi was a small gated town for engineers who worked in KOC. The north side of Ahmadi, where I lived, was for engineers and doctors and the south was for rest of KOC employees. I don't remember much of it but the town was modern and people were free to live the way they wanted.

My parents
Me and my brother
My pre-school in Kuwait
KOC quarterly magazine
The good old 80's, my high school year-book, in Montreal (Westmount high)
Me and my girl


My political views

My political views [It's the same toilet, no matter where you go, with different shit in it!] I think there is a small group of influential people who control all politics on a global level. What you see in the media (anywhere in the world) is nothing but social engineering designed to control how you think and behave. It does not take a genius to realize that no mater where in the world regardless of political parties race or culture, all politics follow the same trends globally. Therefore, I choose to opt out from participating in such a futile system. I don't believe in race or countries, I think we are all humans living on planet Earth and if we don't start to think that way then we are doing nothing but contributing to our demise as species.


My religious views

Religion prays on the ignorant asking to believe in illogical far fetched can't be proven stories and threatens non believers with horrible consequences. I don't believe in indoctrinated blind faith traditions and religions that brought nothing but war hate and misery throughout history on man kind. I really have major problems with preachers who use fear and ask for blind faith to make me follow a doctrine with rewards after you die...these are the traits of a con artist for control. I freed myself from the shackles of religion. It is also important to mention that I am not an atheist and I don't believe in any of today's belief systems. I am simply still searching for the truth about our creation. I RESPECT someone else's beliefs even if they conflict with mine as long as someone else's beliefs do not harm/forced on others! ..and we are all human and EQUAL! I do not discriminate against any culture or race! I talk to anyone!



I don't believe in activists. I think activists might have good intentions at heart but they are misguided! History always shows that people in power will always get what they want. It is in my opinion that saboteurs embedded with activists to derail them from the root of the issue and have their efforts diverted to a loosing cause. I think activists are gullible and fall for many obvious traps set by the very people these activists protesting against. You cannot fight a tyrannical system with protests because all what you will accomplish is simply nothing. Also you cannot use violence and force because the powerful are just that! They got jets, drones, tanks...you name it so fighting with force is another losing battle and in my opinion violence spawn more of the same. You don't fight fire with fire! Instead you extinguish it! How? Don't feed the fire by non participation! No protest, no violence, no fighting, just simply do not participate in a system you don't believe in. Don't vote, don't invest, don't buy, don't subscribe to cable ...etc use minimum of what you need to get by and that's it. If everyone does that to any system it will collapse and fall apart over night.



When you're having conversations with people who studied law or philosophy, you can expect them to be precise with their words. However, this is not normal for average people. We mostly just gesture at ideas and count on the other people to understand.

If you respond to people's argument as if what they said was what they meant, is an act of bad faith; if you're going to have a constructive conversation with someone, your obligation is to meet them at their level.

People misspeak and use idioms, and rely on the assumption of good faith to bridge the fact that: expressing complicated thought by the sounds and gestures or the symbols and words people invented, to represent what they mean, is NOT EASY!

If you intentionally misinterpret someone's explanation or if you don't confirm that you have the best possible version of someone's argument before trying to refute it, you're not having a constructive conversation, you're being dishonest and fraudulent, implicatory or at the very least condescending. They're not going to agree with you when you tear apart the argument they weren't really making; and the only friends you'll make doing that kind of shit suck just as much as you do.

If I face someone who intentionally misinterprets what I say, I will avoid speaking with them and move away from such people or company as soon as I can.



Nobody has the right to live their life being protected from offense or from insult or from hurt feelings; it is an occupational hazard of living in society.

If one’s views are so offensive and they cannot be afforded a platform then what happens?

You should be able to see right from wrong. When the controlled media demonizes anyone who has views outside the dictated narrative, and you accept and follow, it is not free thinking in a free society.



Would an individual living by themselves in the middle of nowhere have freedom? The answer is yes! But who would give it to them if no government or a tribe or a church existed to influence them? It’s obvious, freedom is not granted by a government, as freedom exists in the absence of a government. Humans without a government are free! Humans without a religion are free! Humans with no tribe are free! They’re at risk, but free! You are free by right of existence. All institutions can do then, is stifle that freedom. They restrict what in its original form is without restriction. It was perfect upon its creation, in the absence of all things. Any change from that state is a degradation of perfection.

When should liberty yield to the public good? Liberty is the greater good! When a government takes your rights away, they are called rights and by the time the discussion comes to return those rights back to you, the government transformed them into privileges. When rights become privileges, you go from free society to a tyrannical society.


Empathy, it is your absolute net worth!

Our true beauty lies in the mind and heart and in that sense we are all equally beautiful; it is not always people can see that.

I do not discriminate. I talk to all people regardless of background, color, shape age or whatever else society made us believe to be.... If you can't understand that then I feel sorry for you and I follow what I preach so I move away from people with racist thoughts. As to what I find attractive, its your mind I look for, how positive and how you live your life is what appeals to me and not how you look or what you possess.

I was asked once about the single thing that will impress me the most, I'd have to say empathy.... I will judge you by your empathy and how much of it you posses because its the direct link to your humanity...the less empathy you have the less value you are to me. I will also add to this the biggest thing I hate in people would be hypocrisy! People who are too afraid to defend the right and stay silent or “neutral” when witnessing wrong. If you can't stand up for what you believe in then you are worth nothing to me!

In conclusion, don't steal, don't kill, don't rape, don't fight wars, don't hurt animals, don't poison and destroy our planet, help others, be kind, don't be a hypocrite, don't stand for values that harm others, don't take sides and be just; these are principles every human of every faith can embrace! After all, it is my belief that we are here in this reality to have an experience and life is nothing but a dream it can be shaped and recreated in the way you envision it. I choose to free myself from the shackles of society, religion, traditions and my journey is mine alone. I don't care what others say. I don't need to defend my beliefs to anyone. I do what feels right to me and I keep in mind to be respectful to those around me. I will walk my own path and your approval is not needed!

Hope I shed some light on the subject “about me”