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Fast sport-bikes/cars, confident open minded women, outdoors life style, travels, spontaneity, living crazy life are all things that appeal to me. I believe age is just a number, race is just labeling, but how happy & positive you are is key! I don't like drama, racism, politics and I stay away from religious uptight people. I believe men/women are equal. Everyone should be free to live their life/believes as long as its not forced on others

Little about me
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Welcome to my personal web site. This is Zee (short for my first name); My friends also call me Isis (short for Isydia, my middle name), after the Goddess of love and magic; hence the Vibes-> Isis Vibes. I live my life as an explorer who is hungry for different experiences

Growing up, as far back as I remember, I was curious about everything. Someone told me that as long as the fires of curiosity keep burning in my mind, I will discover what life means and the journey will be ongoing as life unveils itself to me. They also said I was special and different and that I should listen to my heart and let it guide me. This person was my uncle from my father's side, he called me Isydia pronounced eye-sed-iya after the Goddess of love and magic referred to in English as Isis (He believed Egyptians, Romans and Greeks copied parts from the Gods of Sommer in ancient Akkadia). My uncle died not long after he told me those wise words that stuck in my mind. He taught me about empathy among many other values that I carry with me to-date. He was my inspiration and to honor him I took on the name Isis short for Isydia.

“I am a firm believer in understanding how life works, this shapes who I am. It is hard for me to accept blind faith and take for granted traditions, beliefs that were imposed by society. I have an insatiable curiosity to intricately explore how things work; this critical thinking is my driving force into creativity and shaping the type of life I live.”

A little about me: I love vintage classic muscle cars, motorcycles and open minded women. I think the automobile is a form of art all on its own. I am a V8 guy and a grease monkey. I like to go to the drag strip and race my bike and car just for fun. I have very open minded views about everything and I don't believe in religions and not bound by any cultural restraints. I hate politics, I think its the same toilet with different shit in it no mater where you go in the world! I'm inked and love tattooed women. To learn more about me check the about me section

Being self taught, I specialize in low level C programming using Unix based platform to control electronic circuitry hardware. My designs and concepts interplex with various platforms and applications. Electrical engineering and mathematical constructs is the foundation of my code.

Trucker lifestyle
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Blogging my long haul trips giving you glimpses of my experiences driving across North America & Mexico

Motorcycles and tips
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If I can go back in time to advise myself and save me from all the mishaps this is what I'd say

Repairs and mechanics
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Tuneups, repairs from changing axles to engine/transmission rebuilds using mostly household tools

Tattoo Expressions
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I explain details on how to build your own tattoo machine and show you how it works

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I code and develop my own software for mobile apps using low level C programming on Unix platforms

Atractive Pictures
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Women, Sport bikes, vintage cars, cute animals and whatever pictures I find interesting